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Spring Term


Burps, Bottoms and Bile


Open wide – let’s take a look inside!  We are on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside your body!


Do you have a toothy grin or a winning smile? Take dental impressions and test the effects of sugary substances on your pearly whites!


Follow a tasty morsel as it makes its way through your digestive system, helped by some mouth-watering saliva! Mummm! And don’t forget the importance of good hygiene – at both ends!


And whilst we’re talking business… could you recognise an animal just by its poo? Are you brave enough to take the challenge?


Do beans really have wind power? Let’s work scientifically and bottom this one out, once and for all!


Make a working model of the digestive system and use it to persuade others to eat healthily. Learn how to look after this marvellous belching, squelching, mixture-making machine we call our body.




Our topic learning will cover these subject this half term: History, Art and Design, Design Technology, Geography, Music.


It’s probably the most famous date in English history… we’re travelling back to 1066.


These are troubled times and there is danger afoot.  A much-loved king dead and a French Duke has staked a claim for our kingdom.  Not to mention all the other wannabe monarchs.


Discover a changing England, shaped by shires, protected by castles and ruled by foreign knights.


Use the famous Bayeux Tapestry to explore the significant events of 1066.  What happened when, and how did William come to be called the Conqueror?

Homelearning Projects


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Reading Together

Reading Together 1
Reading Together 2
Reading Together 3
Reading Together 4
Reading Together 5
Reading Together 6
Reading Together 7
Reading Together 8
Reading Together 9
Reading Together 10
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Science Week

Science Week 1
Science Week 2
Science Week 3
Science Week 4
Science Week 5
Science Week 6
Science Week 7
Science Week 8
Science Week 9
Science Week 10
Science Week 11
Science Week 12
Science Week 13
Science Week 14
Science Week 15
Science Week 16
Science Week 17
Science Week 18
Science Week 19
Science Week 20
Science Week 21
Science Week 22
Science Week 23
Science Week 24
Science Week 25

Mad about Magnets

Mad about Magnets 1
Mad about Magnets 2
Mad about Magnets 3
Mad about Magnets 4
Mad about Magnets 5
Mad about Magnets 6
Mad about Magnets 7
Mad about Magnets 8
Mad about Magnets 9
Mad about Magnets 10
Mad about Magnets 11
Mad about Magnets 12
Mad about Magnets 13

Science Week - G-Force

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We enjoyed sharing our learning with parents and carers. These videos capture some of the fun that we had!


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