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Over the next few days can you write a story?

Watch the video and have a go at writing a recount of what has happened.


TBQ: Can I write a story recount?

Watch the video link ‘bubbles’. Discuss what happens in the video and what features of a beach can be seen. Discuss the vocabulary we have looked at and see if you can link to the video.

Write a recount of what has happened as if you are the character (first person). Use noun phrases to add description to your writing.


Here is mine:


Split the video up in to sections and plan/discuss each part.

1. Finding the bubbles

  • Dull, cloudy day
  • Feeling sad and lonely
  • Cold, wet sand
  • Strong, angry wind
  • Sand dunes

Modelled text:

One dull, cloudy day I was walking along the quiet, empty beach and over the large sand dunes. The sand was cold and wet under my bare feet. I was shivering because the wind was strong and whirling around me angrily. My feet stomped along the beach because I felt sad and lonely that day. Out of nowhere I spotted something small on the ground. What was it? There in front of me was a little, yellow tube of bubbles.


2. Blowing the bubbles and floating:

  • Happy
  • Magical
  • Floating gracefully
  • Fluffy clouds
  • Bright, colourful sky

The bubbles looked like fun so I decided to blow them. All of a sudden I started to float. What a shock! I was floating on top of a shiny, round bubble. How magical! The bubble floated gracefully higher and higher above the fluffy, white clouds and into the bright, colourful sky. I was much happier now. What an adventure! Then, I started to jump quickly from bubble to bubble. It was like being on a bouncy castle.



3.Floating inside the bubble under the sea:

  • Calm, blue ocean
  • Beautiful, lively fish
  • Bumpy, hard shells

After a while I decided to jump extra high. Suddenly I was inside a bubble and floating slowly down to the calm, blue ocean. All around me were beautiful, lively fish swimming above the coral. Underneath me were lots of bumpy, hard shells lying on the sandy seabed. What a pretty place!


4. Back on the beach giving the bubbles to someone else (this could be one of your friends):

  • Upset, young girl
  • Dark, empty beach
  • Kind/thoughtful/sharing

Finally, I began to get tired so I decided it was time to head home. As I floated back over the sand dunes towards the shore I saw an upset, young girl plodding along the sand. She looked like she needed cheering up so it was time for her to have an adventure. Where do you think she went on her adventure?