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Today we are learning to identify and understanding the features of a text


In the lesson, we are going to identify the features of an instructional text. We will start by looking at some instructions online.

Can you read through the text and think about what it tells you?

How to Trap the Iron Man

Are you kept awake by the sound of something tramping through your garden? Do you lie in your bed trembling at the sound of another car being squashed? Do you awake to smashed walls and footprints in the flower beds? If so, the likelihood is that you have the Iron Man in the neighbourhood! However, do not despair because help is at hand! The Iron Man is not so hard to defeat, as he is rather dim-witted. Read these step-by-step instructions and soon you too could be rid of this terrible pest.


Equipment needed:
a spade
a brown sheet
tent pegs
a sack of leaves
some branches
plenty of soil
a large lump of metal (maybe a lorry or a tractor)


How to get started:
First, you must dig a very large and deep hole (this needs to be deep enough to hold the Iron Man).
Secondly, you must cover the hole with a brown sheet that is pinned securely by tent pegs into the earth’s crust.
After that, scatter leaves, a few branches and enough soil on top of the sheet to cover it.
Now you have to tempt the Iron Man by placing a large lump of metal on top of the sheet.
Hide nearby and patiently wait for his arrival.
Soon the tempting smell of the metal warming in the sun will reach the nostrils of his nose.
Eventually, the Iron Man will come along and try to get the lorry.
In the end it will not be able to resist the food and therefore will fall straight into the pit.


Important note:
An angry Iron Man can be a frightening sight, so keep all little children inside. He will try to escape so make sure that you do not go too near the edge in case he can reach over the top. The Iron Man may try to bargain his way out he may sob and weep and beg for his freedom. He may even promise you vast wealth, pretending that they know the whereabouts of a dragon’s treasure trove. Do not be fooled, the Iron Man only thinks of eating and sleeping.

Main Activity - Find the following:

Introduction/opening paragraph to introduce what your instructions are about
Rhetorical questions to hook your reader in
List of equipment needed
Numbered steps to follow in chronological order
Adverbs (when do they need to do the instruction?) First, Next, Then, Now, Patiently, Happily…
Imperative verbs (what does the reader need to do?)


If you can print the text - you could text mark it - or you could just write your answers on a piece of paper - the important thing is to read through the text and think about the features of the instructions.