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Visitors and External Opportunities

As a school, we are passionate about developing links with our local community and showing the children that religion does exist within the children's local areas. We also recognise the importance of diversity, however, due to our local area, it does not provide opportunities for visits to places of worship of other faiths, so we have looked into and will hopefully welcome people of other faiths into our school to expose children to other faiths and allow them to link their learning for Islam and Sikhism to real-life contexts too.

Easter Celebrations

We visited the church during spring 2 to learn all about the Easter Story with Reverend Oliver. He talked to us about the significance of the Easter Story in Christianity but also to the Holy Trinity Church in Wilnecote by talking about how it is portrayed in the stained-glass windows that are all around the church.

Mock Ceremonies

During the summer term, we are visiting the church again to take part in some mock ceremonies held by Reverend Oliver. 

The ceremonies are running as follows:

Year 3- Mock christening

The year 3's enjoyed going to the church and taking part in their mock christening, Reverend Oliver talked about the font and why the holy water is important, he explained why people get christened and what this signifies. We listened and sung beautifully to a range of different songs and hymns with Mrs Kimber too and even joined in with some prayer at the end and quiet reflection time. 

Videos and images:

Year 4- Mock holy communion

Year 4 really enjoyed visiting the church to take part in a mock Holy Communion. The children listened carefully and showed a good understanding of the purpose of a communion. They had bread to represent Jesus' body and squash to represent his blood. We sang traditional hymns and took part in prayer by focusing on 3 things: being thankful, being sorry and being hopeful. The children were respectful of each other's thoughts and listened intently as their friends shared what they had prayed for the future.

Videos and Images:

Year 5- Mock wedding

Year 5 visited the church and took part in a mock wedding. The children behaved beautifully, and we sang hymns, took part in the ceremony as both the wedding party and the congregation, and we joined together in prayer. We learnt how a Christian wedding takes place and even took part in a wedding reception afterwards with speeches, a first dance and the throwing of the bouquet!

Videos and images:

Year 6 Graveyard Walk

Year 6 will be exploring the afterlife and how perceptions of this differ across different religions, therefore, they will not be visiting the church during this half-term but will be visiting the graveyard to look at the significance of graves within Christianity and also recognising what different graves can symbolise. 

Harvest Celebration


Christingle Service


Christmas Service