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Week Beginning 11.5.20

There's no need to print any of the learning from this page! As long as you've got something to write on and something to write with, you'll do brilliantly!

We hope you had a lovely VE Day Bank Holiday weekend, celebrating with your families!


This week, we will be focussing on Miss Greally's favourite theme park, Europa Park, and becoming theme park developers!




Today is all about Geography skills, creating a sketch map with a key!


Europa Park is themed around Europe, with each area of the park dedicated to different countries from the continent. Watch the video below to get a feel for what it's like in Europa Park - it was filmed on the day the park should have opened this year!

Can you identify any themed areas?

Europa-Park - Drohnen Emotionen (28.03.2020)

The newest area to be added to the park was Ireland. Your challenge for today is to design a new themed area for Europa Park. We'd like you to have a look at the theme park map below to see how it is laid out and then have a go at creating your own sketch map for the new area you decide upon.


You could choose to create your new area based around a European country that is not already in the park, redesign an area for a country that is already there or you could go crazy and design your area themed to a country NOT in Europe! It's entirely up to you.


You will need to try to include the following things:



Now that you have designed your theme park area, you are going to practise your Design & Technology skills by drawing a diagram of the ride that will feature in your new section of the park!



We'd love this to include 2 things; one design of the track or structure of the ride (a tower for a drop ride, for example) and a second design of the carriage/seating (you tried this earlier in our topic!).


You could challenge yourself even further by trying to theme your ride around the country you chose yesterday!


Here's an example of a plan for the tracks of Wickerman at Alton Towers.



You've created a map for your new theme park area and you have designed your feature you need to advertise them!


Theme Parks advertise their new rides to encourage people to visit - there's a lot to think about when creating their promotional materials though (their adverts).


Consider these questions as you create your own poster to advertise your new ride and the area you designed:


Who is your ride aimed at?  Children? Families? Adults?

What atmosphere do you wan to create with your poster? Fun? Scary? 

What images are you going to include in your poster?

What colours are you going to use? These should be similar to the ride.

What words are you going to include? What style of writing will they be in?


We cannot wait to see all of your plans from this week! Please email them to us at, or send them on Instagram (Miss Greally will then share them!).


Next week is Science Week! We hope you can join in with as many of the activities we set as possible to build your Science Capital!