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Week Beginning 20.4.20

There's no need to print any of the learning from this page! As long as you've got something to write on and something to write with, you'll do brilliantly!

Monday - Geography!


Today, research the theme parks that are around the UK - there are more than you first think! There is a map below that shows the locations of all of them.

Have you been to any of them?

Which 3 interest you most from their names?

What can you find out about the 3 theme parks you have chosen? 


If possible, have a go at using Google Maps to work out how long it would take you to travel to those theme parks from your house (there's a link below).


Then have a look a their location - what makes them good spots for theme parks? Are they in popular areas? Are there large open spaces around them? Are there good transport links (main roads, train stations) so that people can get to them easily? 

These questions help you practise the skill of identifying human and physical geographical features!


Present what you find out however you like - you could create bullet point lists of information, organise your findings into a poster or anything else you can think of!

Tuesday - Geography/Maths and Science!


Today, you're going to have a go at calculating how much it might cost to visit Alton Towers for the day, then you are going to investigate Centripetal Force!


Geography/Maths - What might you spend money on at a theme park?


Use the information attached below to try the Chilli Challenges - if you want to try the Flaming Hot challenge, what discounts can you find? Is there an offer online? What about on a soap bottle or cereal box?




Our Science learning today is all about centripetal force! Watch the video above to find out what centripetal force is and then have a go at the activity below. Do it outside though - there's always a risk you MIGHT get wet!


This activity was shared on Twitter and Instagram over Easter and is a lot of fun!

Centripetal force in action - Enterprise at Alton Towers (You are not strapped into this ride!)

Still image for this video

Friday - Art!


Today, we are supposed to be taking photographs of each other, trying to recreate the poses that you might find on on-ride photographs (like those below)! If you have access to a camera, or a phone or tablet with a camera, use the examples below as inspiration, along with any props you can think of, to try and create your own on-ride photo.  Then see if you can edit the photo, changing the colour or cropping it so you remove any background details you don't need.


If you don't have access to a camera, see if you can follow the Rob Biddulph tutorial (the link is below) to draw a self portrait. Then add details to your drawing to make it look like you are on a ride. Don't forget to think about your facial expression - are you shocked? Scared? Incredibly happy? Miss Greally is going to try this so she'll upload her drawing when she has...