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Week Beginning 4.5.20 (VE Day Project)

This week, with VE day coming up on Friday, our creative activities help us to find out a little more about what VE day is all about, as well as hopefully creating some wonderful things to help celebrate at home! 





Spend some time this week researching VE Day and why we are celebrating the 75 anniversary this year. Below there is a video and a PowerPoint that will give you some information on the day but you could also the Internet, to watch some programmes that will be on TV this week, to find out more. 


What was life like before VE Day? 

What events had taken place before VE Day?

Who were the significant people involved in VE day and the events that took place beforehand?

How did people feel on VE Day?


You can present your findings if you want to, choosing your own style in which to do this. You don't have to though, gaining new knowledge is the most important thing here!



We'd love to see you create some banners and bunting that you could decorate an area of your house with (as big an area as the adults at home will allow!) to prepare for a house party to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day! 


Think about the shape of your bunting (it could be rectangular, triangular or maybe even something a little more adventurous) as well as choosing your design carefully. Is each flag on your bunting going to be the same? How many different ways can you represent the victory? What colours are you going to use?


Below is a template you could use but we know you don't need it - get creative!

Another fantastic art activity linked to VE Day would be to create a silhouette image, just like we did for our Pharaohs topic book covers!  Choose your colours for a sky background and then create silhouettes of soldiers, buildings or gliders to go over the top!

Design Technology (DT)


Next up, some baking! Below is a recipe for a Victoria Sponge mix from the Be-Ro cookbook. The original little book of recipes was written in 1923 and was handed out free to people up and down the country which means the recipes inside would have been used a lot, including at the time of VE Day!  It's Miss Greally's go to sponge cake recipe and is very easy to follow.  If you can, have a go at making a delicious Victoria Sponge, or you could even turn your mix into individual fairy cakes (just tweak the cooking time, as for the Butterfly Cake instructions on picture 3).


You could then make little Union Jack or VE Day cake toppers to add to the celebration!


If you aren't able to get baking, you could design a dream VE Day celebration cake, thinking about how it could be decorated to represent the day.


You might be able to be even more creative and make different celebration food - finger sandwiches, scones, sausage rolls or whatever you can think of/are able to make! Send us photo either via the Year 5 email address or on Instagram. You could even post a photo on Twitter and tag us @hiwjstaffs so we can see it!



Now, whilst we're sure you've all been joining in with PE with Joe every day, who can resist a bit of dancing?


Using the video below, try to learn some of the steps of the Lindy Hop - don't worry if you can't find a partner willing to join in, just have a go at the basic steps on your own!

Learn to Swing Dance Lindy Hop | Level 1 Lesson 1 (Lindy Hop) | Lindy Ladder | Shauna Marble

Start with the basics. Here you will learn footwork and partner patterns to get you dancing quickly! Moves In This Lesson: - Lindy Hop Footwork 0:38 - Side-t...

If you were able to complete all of the tasks this week, you are now ready to partay! 


You have decorations (bunting), food and know some excellent wartime dance moves! Find a fancy outfit to put on and celebrate VE Day in style!


Again, we'd love to see pictures of your home celebrations!